Spotlight, Traveller: Customizable Card Game

Only recently available for retailers to order, this customizable (not collectable, there are no card rarities) card game pits up to four starship captains against each other in a struggle to maintain operations with their interstellar ships while not going bankrupt. Players attempt to gather crew and equipment needed to complete contracts, or engage in piracy, while trying to earn victory points. The first to 10 VP’s wins.

Play consists of rounds broken into phases for specific actions like choosing a contract or purchasing upgrades/crew/equipment. Costs are paid for with cards, but each captain must be very wary of too many pricey actions as running out of cards bankrupts the player. Piracy is also a danger as any player can attack any other player, with repairs potentially being quite costly. However, pirates need to also be careful as the more infamous you get the more expensive things become.

A full, and far better, explanation of the game by Horizon Ian is available on their website. For now I’ll just finish by saying that there will be four pre-made decks available during the 24 hour BGM should people like to experience something new.