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Preliminary Prizes Page Posted

Peter Piper posted pages of primary prizes precisely…uh…I’m out of ‘P’ words that work. Enough of that. I’ve posted a list of prizes along with descriptions (taken from BoardGameGeek). Pics to follow.

The marathon is when?!?

Yes, you read that right. This year…uh…this “time,” I mean, the 24-Hour Board Game Marathon will be in January! Part of the reason for the adjustment in dates is to give people a chance to do fundraising during Christmas when your friends and family are in a more “giving” mood. […]

Spotlight, Traveller: Customizable Card Game

Only recently available for retailers to order, this customizable (not collectable, there are no card rarities) card game pits up to four starship captains against each other in a struggle to maintain operations with their interstellar ships while not going bankrupt. Players attempt to gather crew and equipment needed to […]