Food & Drinks

Q. Will food be provided?

A. We are still working out the details for the concession stand, but for sure there will be PIZAZZ.
(There will also be pizza.)

UPDATE: Here’s the Google-spreadsheet to fill out with your menu options. Just enter the name you registered under, the # of 4″ subs you want, the # of pizza slices, and any dietary preferences or restrictions. If you don’t have a Google account, email your preferences to


Q. Will there be coffee?

A. Yes. We’re not monsters.


Q. Can I bring my own alcohol?

A. No. This is an alcohol-free event.


Q. Will there be Coca-cola?

A. Try expanding your horizons. (i.e. we’re not sure.)


Q. Can I bring my own food?

A. Yes, though we will not be able to refrigerate it for you.