Q. Can I bring my own game?

A. Yes. However, we do not provide lockers or any method of securing your belongings while attending. You are responsible to keep track of everything you bring (including game pieces).


Q. What games will be there?

A. In no particular order, here’s a partial list:

Cosmic Encounter Betrayal at House on the Hill
Core Worlds Coup Rebellion
Gravwell Tsuro
String Railway Pandemic
Pandemic Contagion Dead of Winter
Dutch Blitz Shadows Over Camelot
The Dwarves Potion Explosion
Hanabi 7 Wonders
Above and Below Near and Far
Stuffed Fables Pastiche
Kana Gawa Century Golem Edition
Sentinels of the Multiverse Clank
Tzolk’in Forbidden Desert
Santorini Qwirkle
Sheriff of Nottingham Mice and Mystics
Zoolareto The Hare and the Tortoise
Burgle Bros. Steam Works
For Sale Things in a Box
Agility Indulgence
Galaxy Trucker M
Formula D Five Tribes
Steam Park Ticket to Ride
Onitama 10 Days in Africa
Thurn and Taxis Mysterium
Trickerion Tokaido
Lords of Vegas Codenames
The Resistance Kingsburg
Libertalia Raiders of the North Sea
Lanterns Elfenland
Rise to Nobility Power Grid
Can’t Stop Splendor
Between two Cities Lords of Waterdeep
Dixit Azul
Shakespeare Camel Up
Terraforming Mars Elysium
Deus Smallworld
Alhambra Spyfall
Blokus Kingdomino
Takenoko Agricola
Isle of Skye Tragedy Looper
Wasabi Hey That’s My Fish
Scythe Manila
Happy Salmon Flux
Pit Seven Seals
Love Letter Hobbit Edition Anomia
No Thanks Pit Crew
Codenames Disney Kodama
Kokoro Ra
Abalone Citadels
Pinata Tiny Epic Galaxies
Patchwork Spirit Island
Roll for the Galaxy Forbidden Island
7 Wonders Duel Vegas Showdown
King of Tokyo Star Wars Risk
Pente Catan (Setlers, seafarers, cities and knights, traders and barbarians)


Q. Will there be kids games?

A. In no particular order, here’s a partial list:

Kids games

Catan Junior Star Wars trouble
Rhino Hero Animal Upon Animal
Secret Code 13 + 4 The Fairy Game
Stone Soup Jenga
Monopoly Junior Spinderella
Spot It Sorry